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2/21/2011 - Holding strong in traffic. This week was down on time spent on the site, but last week was higher than usual. I am hoping that is because the mob that was looking last week is here this week end. It seems there are quite a few visitors and many of you have said you were very busy this week.
I wanted to share a couple of email submissions from the site first before getting into the numbers that most of you delete anyway…

Submit: Contact West Yellowstone Web Cams
comments: i love your web cams, its almost as good as being there. thank you.
email: jimransdell1@******.net

Submit: Contact West Yellowstone Web Cams
comments: I want to thank you for the web cam viewing. I check it almost daily. Regards, Bill
email: *******@montana.com

These two are my favorites, occasionally I get submissions like these, and I will start to pass them on more frequently.

1/26/2011 - Wow, all the cameras are working. Check out the Yellowstone Vacation Cabins!
Now working on security cameras that are already in the works.

1/17/2011 - Aside from the network difficulties associated with getting the cameras on line, all is working well.
I have been catching up with problems at the Kelly Inn & the Clubhouse Inn. They are working now. I am still having some problems with the Vacation Cabins. We changed cameras, and the location, but the view will still include Lions Head and the beautiful meadow to the west of the cabins.
Despite the weather I think I solved the problems with the Grizzly Discovery Center as those two cameras have had no problems since the snow started falling. Traffic wise we are up as usual. The average time spent on any given camera is 3 minutes. This is, in internet terms, and eternity.... Well it is an awfully long time. The camera with the most time is Bullwinkles. I am assuming it is evenings and weekends as most of the day no one is on camera.
There would seem to be a good number of sledders looking at our snow and drooling... I can only imagine.
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